Center Staff

Center Director

Oversees daily operations of Old Dominion Job Corps Center, including staff and students.

Danny Grimes
(434) 929-4081 Ext.8440


Business Community Liaison

Serves as liaison between the center and the media, local government, businesses, and community at-large. Establishes and promotes business and community partnerships that create employment opportunities for the students.

John Mastroianni
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8445


Human Resources Manager

Hires and trains all staff members as well as ensures all staff members adhere to Job Corps policies and procedures.

Mike McPeake
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8443


Center Standards Officer

Oversees the student behavior management system.

Jerry Brooks
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8442


Safety Manager

Serves as the center safety officer.

Cecil Jackson
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8545


Security Manager

Oversees the Center's Security Department.

Jeff Ware
(434) 929-4081, ext 8477


Director of Administrative Services

Oversees all operations within the following departments: Purchasing, Food Services, Records, Property, Finance, Wellness, Facilities Maintenance, and Information Technology.

Donald Pritchett
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8446


Wellness Manager

Promotes, teaches, and enforces healthy living choices. Oversees professional and support staff at the Wellness Center.

Linda Keyes
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8457

Finance Supervisor

Adwoa Wiafe
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8451

Director of Education and Training

Ensures that all students have a safe and conducive learning environment in which to complete their training. Ensures that the Educational and Career Technical Training Programs comply with and meet our statistical goals.

Reginald Walker
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8459

Academic Manager

Oversees the Academic Training Department and the High School Diploma/High School Equivalency (HSE) programs.

Diane Brimijoin
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8472

Career Technical Training Manager

Oversees the Career Technical Training Department and the career technical skills training (CTST) program.

Bobby Sheets
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8474

Career Development Services System (CDSS) Manager

Oversees the career preparation, counseling, career transition, and work-based learning programs.

Bryan Lyttle
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8461

Director of Social Development

Oversees the Recreation and Residential Living Departments.

Abraham Hughes
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8480

Recreation Supervisor

Jason Barbour
(434) 929-4081 Ext. 8483

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