Success Stories

Our Human Resources Manager recently received the following letter from a former student and graduate at Old Dominion:


I stepped foot in Old Dominion Job Corps in the Fall of 1978 as a residential student. I had the opportunity to witness Old Dominion changing from an all-girl institution to a coed institution. One day, the Corps offered me an opportunity to go to college with expenses paid. Accepting the offer, I chose Marshall University from the list of colleges that participated in this program. Then, I was transported to the Charleston Job Corps in Charleston, WV for a very short stay till MU was ready to receive me along with other Job Corps students from different locations. Since then, I’ve been a long time fixture at Marshall. My first class at MU was Beginning Tennis for the 1979 second summer session; I’ve been a permanent full-time employee at MU since fall of 1985; and, I graduated from MU with a Master of Science Degree in Adult and Technical Education in May 2014. My attached resume tells the rest of the story.

I’m planning to retire from Marshall University in a couple of years and return to my hometown in Amherst, Va. I would like the opportunity serve the student of Old Dominion in a capacity which promote encouragement in higher learning and skill building. School teachers did not think I would go beyond high school; but I did, and it began with Old Dominion Job Corps. 

Thank you Old Dominion Job Corps for making the path of higher learning possible for me. 


Virginia M. 

PS:  In case you want to know how I got your contact information – I was looking at job opportunities that Old Dominion.

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Page last updated: Monday, December 07, 2015